Why Your Wife Will Appreciate Your Switch to Thong Underwear

The next time that you're shopping for underwear at a men's clothing store, you might instinctively reach for the boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs that you've worn for years. There's nothing wrong with this idea, but you might want to pause for a moment and browse the selection of thong underwear. Initially, you might hardly be able to imagine yourself wearing this type of revealing underwear, but set this mindset aside and evaluate the different cuts and colors. Read More 

5 Details That Make For A Great Leather Jacket

A leather jacket from clothing companies like riflessi is one of those staple clothing items that you must have in your closet. You can pull it out for most any occasion, from a party to a picnic, and know that you will look stunning. Buying a leather jacket, however, can be a little more challenging than styling one. How do you know which leather jacket is the one for you? Look for these five details that make for the perfect leather jacket. Read More 

Three Reasons To Have Your Clothing Professionally Tailored

Have you ever seen someone walk in wearing a suit that seemed to fit them like a glove? Chances are, that suit was custom tailored. If you want that same perfect fit, you should consider having your own clothing custom tailored, too. Here are three reasons custom tailoring is well worth the cost. Tailoring can flatter your body type. Chances are, you have parts of your body that you like more than others. Read More 

Clothing Choices That Make Men Look Older

You might be blessed with youthful looks and you might be told that you'll be thankful one day. But even though your youthful looks may help you pass as 40 when you are 52, that doesn't help you right now when you find yourself getting carded everywhere you go. Fortunately, there are clothing styles that will help you look older: Overdress When in doubt, overdress in a professional setting rather than underdressing. Read More