Why Your Wife Will Appreciate Your Switch to Thong Underwear

The next time that you're shopping for underwear at a men's clothing store, you might instinctively reach for the boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs that you've worn for years. There's nothing wrong with this idea, but you might want to pause for a moment and browse the selection of thong underwear. Initially, you might hardly be able to imagine yourself wearing this type of revealing underwear, but set this mindset aside and evaluate the different cuts and colors. You may find a pair that you believe will work for you, and you can take them home and start wearing them.

Here are some reasons that your wife may appreciate you switching to thong underwear.

It Shows Confidence

Wearing thong underwear takes a lot of confidence, especially if you're perhaps used to wearing boxers. Many women love seeing when their husbands are confident, and your underwear switch can be a testament to this positive frame of mind. Don't worry that you don't have the body that many underwear models possess. The sheer fact that you're making the switch to men's thong underwear says a lot about the level of confidence that you have.

It Demonstrates Spontaneity

Spontaneity is something that can keep couples happy as the years progress, but a lot of relationships lack this dynamic. While your wife may love you, she may not be in favor of just how predictable you can be — and the degree to which she can predict what you're going to say and do will generally increase year after year. You can show yourself to have a fun and spontaneous side when you choose to wear thong underwear, even just a few days a week. This is especially true if you bought the underwear without her knowledge and perhaps decided to wear them without first telling her about your decision.

It Focuses On Health

While you don't need to have a model-caliber body to wear men's thong underwear, you may find that wearing this type of undergarment compels you to get a little more serious about your physical health. Perhaps this means working some ab crunches into your daily routine or skipping that second muffin during your morning break at work. Your wife will appreciate how your choice of underwear is perhaps playing a role in you wanting to be healthier as you make an effort to craft a body that looks a little better in your new thong underwear.