5 Details That Make For A Great Leather Jacket

A leather jacket from clothing companies like riflessi is one of those staple clothing items that you must have in your closet. You can pull it out for most any occasion, from a party to a picnic, and know that you will look stunning. Buying a leather jacket, however, can be a little more challenging than styling one. How do you know which leather jacket is the one for you? Look for these five details that make for the perfect leather jacket.

1. Soft Leather

Do not buy a stiff leather jacket in hopes that it will soften and loosen up over time. If the leather is stiff now, it will only become marginally softer with wear. The best leather jackets are made from leather that feels soft and supple from day one. If you can't bend and roll it between your fingers, put it back on the rack.

2. Even Stitching

Take a look at the seams of the jacket and see if the stitches appear even. If you don't see stitches along some of the seams, that means the leather is glued; you do not want a glued jacket because it will come apart at the first sign of moisture. It the stitches are uneven or not straight, they will be more likely to break, so stay away from that jacket, too.

3. Sturdy Zippers

If the jacket zips up, make sure the zippers are made from sturdy metal. Those made from plastic are more prone to failure, and having them repaired or replaced can be costly. Check the zippers on the pockets and those used for embellishment, too. Some jacket makers create their lower-end jackets with a metal main zipper and plastic accessory zippers, which is still not ideal.

4. Ample Pockets

Older leather jackets did not always have big pockets. Today, that's a feature that you really need in order to incorporate your cell phone. Test out the jacket's pockets by slipping your phone inside and making sure that it fits. This way you don't have to bring a separate purse or phone holder.

5. Good Length

Always try on a jacket to make sure the length is suitable for you! A jacket can be long enough for a person with a shorter torso but too short for someone with a longer torso. You don't want to be seen walking around in a jacket that shows an inch of your shirt—unless, of course, that's your desired style.