Clothing Choices That Make Men Look Older

You might be blessed with youthful looks and you might be told that you'll be thankful one day. But even though your youthful looks may help you pass as 40 when you are 52, that doesn't help you right now when you find yourself getting carded everywhere you go. Fortunately, there are clothing styles that will help you look older:


When in doubt, overdress in a professional setting rather than underdressing. You will not make the same bad impression. No one will be able to accuse you of being unprofessional. For example, you could wear a tie to give yourself a more formal look. 

Avoid Youthful Symbols

Avoid wearing anything that is associated with youth. For example, avoid wearing a shirt with a cartoon on it. Avoid wearing a t-shirt that is related to a popular game. Do not wear shirts with bright colors or contrasting patterns, such as a bright green shirt.

Wear Long Pants

Avoid wearing shorts. People of all ages wear shorts. However, putting a pair of shorts on will make you look younger. Also, avoid wearing baggy pants. Spend a lot of time trying on different pairs of pants until you find a pair that fits properly. 

Avoid T-Shirts

Avoid wearing t-shirts. Collared shirts will automatically make you look older. Shirts should either be plaid or plain-printed. Make sure that the shirt is always form-fitting. Wearing a shirt that is too big is associated with a child who is wearing clothes a size too big who will eventually grow into them. Long-sleeved shirts will make you look older. The sleeves should come to your wrists and not further. When you do wear t-shirts, wear v-necks and collared t-shirts. Another option is to wear a jacket over your t-shirt. A black suit jacket will immediately make you look older.

Avoid Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are worn by people of all ages, but like with shorts, if you would like to look older, you should avoid wearing them. Only wear tennis shoes when it is very hot outside. Basic leather shoes will make you look older. 

Pay close attention to how older men dress. A lot of retired men continue to wear dress pants even when at home because this is how they were raised to dress. You can still add something fresh to an older look, but people will respect you more if you dress older. 

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